Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so people love to hang out at milk bar and when its nice they like to hang outside.So with the help of my friend Shawn and Nancy at the antique shop in the Grey Stone building we now have seating arrangements for the outdoors. So come down and chill outside in the nice weather. Check out the color scheme. Its Gold.


Kate Hutson said...

I meaaaan....I know you just got it, buuut.. if you ever decide to move onto bigger and better things and get rid of that, LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! I'd love to have that in my apartment with all of my other gilded gold things. I'm a little obsessed, but far from tacky.

Anyway, it's cute, I love it.

Anonymous said...

kate go holler at nancy, shell find you one, and call you once she does.
she runs the best shop in the short.


shawn said...

good to see, i just need a second to come chill...haha