Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitted: A Collaboration of The Best Mens Boutiques


A night of men’s fashion and other generally
gentlemanly activity. Come to see a
selection of our fanciest menswear, and
enjoy the some of the finer activities in life,
with scotch tastings, straight razor shaves,
and tailors on site.

Brought to you by
Tigertree, Repertoire, Milkbar, and Brigade.

The details:
cover: $10

Also on site will be:

1.) Kenji the Barber // providing razor shaves & haircuts (please reserve an appointment)

2.) Middle West OYO Whiskey tastings

3.) Light refreshments provided by Barrio Tapas

3.) Old School records from Spoonful Records located in Downtown Columbus

4.) Cigar giveaways

5.) Tailor will on site doing instructional sessions on suit tailoring, tying ties, and alterations. (What TO do & What NOT TO do)

Come ready to learn and be a little more dapper with your wardrobe fellas.

Stay Classy, Columbus!