Thursday, January 7, 2010

Enough is enough!!! Let's hear it for some other greats.

If you have ever had a conversation about men's fashion, one idol always pops up; Steve McQueen. Much of the obsession is deserved. He's the guy that every dude wanted to be and every chick wanted to be with, but I feel that a lot of people fail to appreciate some of the other style icons of the same era. I have to say that in attempting to nail down what my own personal style is, I've done what many others have by looking to the past for tips and direction. Recently, I have been really drawn to Sidney Poitier's style. This guy was just as suave, chic, and put together as Mcqueen, yet his style went past just the films that he starred in. This guy lived it. In the days of  "lifestyle" brands, we sometimes forget that all of the idols really did live the way the dressed. I guess this rant is mostly targeted to those young guys who are trying to find themselves in fashion. It's cool to follow trends, but it's better to authentic and wear what looks best on you. At {milk bar}, we believe that style trumps trend every day of the week. We're really excited for this 2010 spring season to further explore the possibilities of individual style. Join us....

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