Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mutton dressed as lad: mid-life crisis trousers .... It's tight at the top when you join the A.P.C. jeans cult

this article is pretty dope talking about the obsession with APC denim during his midlife crisis.. heres my favorite part of the article : "This A. P. C. jeans cult demands extreme devotion; check Google for earnest accounts of wearing the unforgiving raw Japanese denim every day for over a year to stretch and fade it into what devotees insist are the best-looking strides bar none. This takes a certain masochism, because not only do you buy the jeans in a size at least three inches too small to allow them to stretch-to-fit perfectly, but purists insist that they should never, ever see the inside of a washing machine. The jeans end up looking fantastic, but they might end up a little whiffy, too. Hence this distressing question on the website: “If I spray some odor remover in the crotch of my raw A. P. C’s is it OK? It won’t ruin the fading process, will it?” check out more press here.

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