Thursday, June 18, 2009

A.P.C 1 year washed twice purchased from {milk bar}

One of the best pair of A.P.C's I have seen in awhile after aging and they were purchased at {milk bar}. Tyler purchased these A.P.C''s 1 year ago . The look he achieved is after being washed twice. He has a little war paint on the back of the legs most likely caused by mud. The wallet imprint on the back pocket with a slight tear is a nice little touch as well.


Rick said...

can you get some measurements on these? what's their tagged size? I want to get an idea about how much they stretched?

my new standards are still ridiculously tight and I probably have 2 months of wear in them

byrd said...

2 months is not much time, patience is the key to raw denim. In the meantime, I'll look up some info on the ones pictured.

Doug P said...

check out them iphone fadez